You ever have one of those moments where something happens as if it were just meant to play out like that? That happened today. Alright, so I work at a grocery store and while I was doing carts I found some money on the ground in the parking lot. So I brought it inside where I was talking to one of the cashiers who was on break about it since I couldn’t find the person working the customer service desk. Anyhow, after I finally located her and gave her the money, I went back to the cashier (who is now ringing on a register) and said “I gave Barb that money.” The customer who was in line said “did you find money? $80? Folded up?” It was $80, folded up neatly. I told her yes and she went to claim it at the service desk, crying because she had thought it was gone. She told me that she thought no one would return it and she wouldn’t get it back. Likewise, I wasn’t sure if someone would come back looking for it. Point of the story, if I hadn’t been there at that very moment, she may not have found the money she lost. It made me so happy that she got her money back and that I could help.


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