I Guess You Can Call Me a Photographer Now?

It’s been quite an exciting past month and a half or so. I’ve had so much to write about but no time to actually do so. For starters, last month I had the opportunity to not only shoot my first show, but interview the band before the concert. The band is Strange Talk. Basically they’re an electropop band from Australia, and some of the funniest guys I have ever met. They opened for Panic! at the Disco. Even cooler. I’ll post a link to my story and picture(s) when it posts this week.

It gets better: While waiting for the show to start, I met a girl that also had a camera and we got to talking. She publishes her own music magazine and is searching for a photographer, interested in having me shoot. We have been in contact pretty often, but due to scheduling conflicts, have had trouble meeting up. Nonetheless, she doesn’t live very far from where I go to school and I can’t wait to see where this opportunity goes.

Then today I went back to school for the first time this semester to see my photo published in the fine arts journal U of M-Dearborn puts out. I knew it had been picked, but seeing it officially in print was an amazing feeling.

On a final photography note, a friend of mine’s aunt saw some of the pictures I have taken and is interested in me shooting for her wedding.

It’s crazy, I never thought photography would become so important to me or such a big aspect of my life. The more time that passes, the more I grow and learn. I’m so thankful for every experience I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy.