Life Update

My goal is to not allow this blog to become one of those abandoned blogs that are consistent then just gone. This one has been FAR from consistent but I’m going to work my hardest to keep it updated. I think writing regularly on here is good for me.

Okay, so what is important? Let’s start with something that isn’t really important now but relevant if you’ve actually kept up with my posts. I am no longer friends with the girl I got a matching best friend tattoo with. I actually have no idea why we aren’t but I’m over it at this point (thank the Lord I wasn’t on here a few weeks ago). So, there’s the tattoo…I don’t regret it and I love it quite a lot. Plus it’s on my foot; I’m sure she loves looking at her wrist every single day to see that little reminder of the person she used so easily (different story for a different day). Though there is no regret about mine, never ever get a matching tattoo with someone, kiddies (unless it’s your mom; I have that and that’s cool).

Now that that’s out there…I started my sophomore year of college today. How in the world did that happen? I’m not too sure but after a long summer of working mostly full time hours, it is so nice to be back to school. I really love it and I can’t wait for all my classes, which are all basically writing classes. Between work, school, and the magazine, it’s going to get difficult again but I am so prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

My very good friend/partner in crime is going to be going to school with me now so I have that exciting fact to look forward to.

I just broke a key off my keyboard and took a good half hour trying to fix it. I think it’s time to check up on my online coursed and go to bed. See ya (soon, I promise).