Here and now

When I started college, I was completely set on leaving that school in two years. I was going to get in, get my basics, and move on, hopefully far away from my home for a while. Two years after I started and I don’t see myself leaving. In fact, I see myself taking a bit longer than four years to graduate without a single ounce of complaining about it.

I came into my school, the University of Michigan-Dearborn so shy and scared. I didn’t want to make friends and I wasn’t certain I’d like any of my classes. Two years in and I’ve fallen in love with my professors, miss my classes during the summer, and have met some of my best friends. I can’t help but think of my life had I not met the amazing, supportive, and caring group of people I have met at that school. From the minute I came in, I was pulled into many different groups, exposed to many different people from different walks of life. I’ve connected with people with the same passions of me, expanded my passions, discovered what is truly important to me, and have gained a happiness and confidence I can honestly say I never had before.

I am so proud of my school. I have had people tell me that the “Dearborn” makes it less of a school than U of M, but honestly that’s okay, because without Dearborn, I wouldn’t have met my best friends. I wouldn’t have went on life changing journeys. I wouldn’t have had the experiences that have made the past two years the best years I have ever had. I absolutely love college; I don’t think I could picture myself spending these years anywhere else with any other people because every single person who I have encountered has impacted me such an incredible amount.

Just a little thought that’s been on my mind.